[01-33 EP] Nak Chambang Chorchork
Nak Chambang Chorchork
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{episode}=EP.33 {ongoing} {type}=China {year}=2023

Summary of drama

Nak Chambang Chorchork      A young boy brought up by wolves falls in love with a young Ma Zhai Xing, the daughter of a general and noble lord. Wrongly accused of killing the godbrother of the Emperor, the boy is hunted down, driven off a cliff, and later rescued by King Chu Kui. King Chu Kui has heard of the remarkable strength of the wolf boy and decides to adopt him. The wolf boy is renamed Chu You Wen and has the title of “Prince Bo” bestowed upon him. Eight years pass before Prince Bo encounters his childhood sweetheart, as her family members are the victims of a massacre. Hindered by the tragic circumstance, Prince Bo refrains from acknowledging his true identity despite still being in love with her. Ma Zhai Xing subsequently meets Ji Chong, a wanderer who falls in love with her while aiding a foreign princess. They bond, forming an intimate friendship. Then war breaks out between the empire and the renegade state loyal to the former dynasty. King Chu Kui plans a coup that will install him as the rightful Emperor. Everyone must now choose a side in the conflict. Who would Lady Ma Zhai Xing support? Is Ji Chong who he claims to be? Can Prince Bo fulfill his destiny?

[01-33 EP] Nak Chambang Chorchork

[01-33 EP] Nak Chambang Chorchork

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Release November 27, 2023
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