[01-23 EP] Mon Sne Somneang
Mon Sne Somneang
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{episode}=EP.23 {ongoing} {type}=Thai {year}=2021

Summary of drama

Mon Sne Somneang      “โนราสะออน” a fun drama that touches the heart It is the reunion of Her Majesty "Toomtam Yutthana" and "Nat Aniporn" who this time have to clash as a couple in a hot and fun way!... When a sharp-eyed Southern girl infiltrates her grandfather's factory, hoping to bridge the rift between her grandfather and her mother. Until meeting a young Isaan man with a Sa-on heart All the fun and fun ensues! On a mission to find her grandparents, Southern girl Tulaya meets handsome Isaan Saifah who helps her in her search.

[01-23 EP] Mon Sne Somneang

[01-23 EP] Mon Sne Somneang

Status Ongoing
Quality High Definition (HD)
Release November 25, 2023
Censor Censored
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